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double et louche

Great video – well worth your while:

I got the phrase, “double et louche,” from Barbara Tuchman’s “A Distant Mirror”

The Slog Begins

Yeah, really depressing thought: the Holidays are over (Christmas is my Number One Most Favorite time of year), and I find myself back at “work” (i.e., the office job I have had for years out of mind).  Whatever else is true, I am certainly burned-out, vis-a-vis how I earn my paycheck.  Since I spend so many resources for my paycheck, it is probably no wonder that I look at the coming New Year as a great expanse of…well, nothing.  I don’t feel depressed; just not wetting my pants with excitement over the new year.  Ho hum.

I am feeling better about having posted Chapter One of Malachite; and think I will post a new chapter on the first of every month.  That gives me nearly 30 days to finish Chapter Two.  Better get started….