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Get out the chainsaw

I am no longer reeling from Pope Benedict’s announcement. In fact, I am arriving at the conclusion that he has done us all a favor by not surprising us with his inevitable departure. I am sad to see him leave the active papacy, but at least this way, I don’t have to mourn his death at the same time.

I am firmly convinced that he knows a whole lot more about all this than I do. Yeah, difficult to be more blatantly obvious than that; but I have this sneaking suspicion that he picked this particular time to step down (or, step aside) for a reason, or a multitude of reasons. Reasons I would hope I would understand and agree with, if I knew them.

And, in the days that have followed his resignation, we have the emergence of the “homoheresy” (to borrow from Fr Oko). So, on top of the so-called “sex scandal” (scandal it certainly is, and sex seems to have played a part, but the cover-up is the story), and official support of organizations that fight Church teaching (you can guess how I’m going to participate in the Bishops’ Annual Appeal), and the essentially unprecedented resignation of the pope, we are now discovering “homosexual cardinals”.

In the 14th Century, the Church became so corrupt that there was, for a significant time, a papal schism. The repercussions are known today as the “Protestant Reformation.” The Church obviously survived that, and, I believe, it will survive this crisis.

However, I can think of no reason it will look very much the same.

Perhaps it is a good thing that this multitude of sins is hitting all at once. Instead of a little infection or two, that have been treated with “aspirin, fluids and call me in the morning,” we have a full-blown amputation on our hands. No bandage now; get out the chainsaw.