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I am paralyzed. A couple of years ago, I took the leap and opened (if that’s the right word) a Facebook page. I still try to ignore the privacy issues; but I do have to say that it has made all the difference with getting back in touch with high school classmates. Of all of those kids I knew 40+ years ago (and haven’t seen since), it is interesting to note which ones are FB Friends (would that be “FBF”, or “BFF”?).

And, thanks to Chris and his nearly constant posting of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network news (Purple Stride), I am now aware that Dave is undergoing chemoradiation in anticipation of surgery (Appleby procedure).

If one measures friends by staying in touch over the years, then neither Dave nor Chris qualify. But, perhaps there is an association there that takes the superficiality out of the now-fashionable BFF and perhaps FBF. In any event, I am overwhelmed, and I sit here, looking at this computer screen, wanting to say something, but not able to be coherent.

I don’t know if cancer is more common now that it ever was before, or if we just hear about it more. I found out this week that a co-worker’s wife goes in for surgery for bladder and kidney cancer next week. Is it an old disease or a new one? Widespread or rare? Is it environmental, or genetic? For Dave, and Sunny, cancer is here and now.

I have written in these pages in the past about choices. While being assaulted by cancer is hardly a matter of choice (unless you smoke – anything – which means you are braindead), what we do about it is entirely a matter of choice. Whether we are the battlefield or the observer. I guess I’ve had my head in the sand; my apologies.

Instead of turning to prayer as a last resort, I have learned to start with prayer. Believers won’t scoff, and frankly, I don’t know how the unbelievers get thru their day, let alone thru this thing called Life. I know I couldn’t. So, I don’t have “best wishes” for Dave and Sonny; they are in my prayers.

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