Choice, part two

Many thanks to {Flats for the “Trackback” – I have no idea what your comment is supposed to mean; but “approved” it out of the spirit of connection and communication. I could have ignored it (I still can’t understand it – tho I haven’t lost any sleep over it), but I chose to go with it. Really wasn’t all that painful. I guess, if I can survive the end of the Mayan Calendar (did anyone really fall for that? well, yeah, I do know somebody who did lose sleep over it), I can survive a Comment that I don’t understand. … Still here …

But, what is foremost on my mind (such as it is), is why I am bothering with a blog. I certainly read a few, but I find those interesting, educational, entertaining or all of the above. Who could possibly find anything I would write any of the above? Something else to ask St Peter when I’m standing in front of the Pearly Gates.

Why don’t I just maintain my (rather copious) diary and save the ethernet (and eternal electronic storage) my – as a high school flame once, so indelicately put it – “idiotic prattle”?

A chance to be discovered? An opportunity to make a difference? How about just plain having (somehow) gained the courage to come out of the closet?

Ah, hah! You jumped on that, didn’t you? Sucker!

Hmm, just in case {Flats, or anyone else is actually reading this blog, I could leave you (all? – isn’t that rather optimistic?) just hanging for my next installment. But, in case the Mayans were correct, if slightly in error:

It is safe to maintain a diary – at least the kind you intend to never see the light of day. And in that kind of diary, the author can tell all sorts of lies – the kind where you never have to worry about anyone calling your bluff. All fine and good as far as it goes; but it just don’t go far – not nearly far enough.

A blog takes away that safety net, that Linus Security Blanket. It will, I believe, make me more honest: simply because there is the chance that someone will stumble upon my scratchings and make a comment.

So, sharing my thoughts with the world (untold millions; emphasis on the “untold”) is what I meant by “coming out of the closet” – nothing else. Hopefully, baring my heart won’t cause me to bleed to death (or be blundgeoned to death).

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