Christmas (Eve)

Since there are (too many to name/count) things far more important than this blog/computers/machines on Christmas, I plan on not even turning on my computer tomorrow (horrors!). But, since I am here (on the Day before Christmas):

1. Thank you to My Lord for: (a) giving me life, (b) dying for me, (c) calling me (back) into Your Church, (d) granting me the grace to repent, and (e) another opportunity to pray
2. Thank you to my friend, I, in Norway for your friendship (all these many years)
3. Happy Birthday to my Brother
4. Thank you to B for calling from Hungary (so very good to hear your voice)
5. And a ba-zillion other things

Forever keeping Christ in Christmas!

  1. Thanks for sharing your faith…..I became a Christian 17 Apr 1967…some 46 years ago, and when I say that out loud it makes me sound really old…well, perhaps it is because I am, although I certainly don’t think of myself as old. My body may give me indications from time to time but I am young at heart in my mind!
    Since I have retired, I am able to do more things in our church…one of which is teach a women’s Bible study on a week day morning. The study I presented this week was “there is nothing new under the Sun” and I noticed that was a topic of one of your posts. I also agree that Hollywood has gone too far as well as television. (I ache when I think of the children being influenced by the lack of morality and the irresponsible parents allowing it.) But I digress…When studying Solomon’s writings in Ecclesiastes, it becomes increasingly clear that no matter what is happening in the world, it is not new. Just a different time and a different situation, but the basic is the same.
    I too, thank Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins, for loving me unconditionally when I am so unworthy and for the promise of life everlasting.

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