Starting the Ancient Christian Commentary, volume XII, “Revelation.” I’ve always found the book of Revelation the most distant, the most inaccessible. So, upon receipt of this volume, I intend on spending time with the book of Revelation in 2013, with the ACC volume as my guide.

Already, I have found that God’s Revelation occurs, or is revealed to us, as we are able to understand and withstand. Sad to say, I am not able to understand much, and, I fear, not able to withstand – endure – much. I have much growth in front of me. Will one year be enuf to begin to get my arms around this Book? Oh, not enuf to finish the Book; but enuf to begin to understand – begin to see the ocean, begin to see the forest. I pray.

The Church Year begins on the First Sunday of Advent; but my year begins on Christmas Day. January 1 means nothing at all; in fact, more a day to avoid than to celebrate.

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