Yeah, I know I am way behind (not news), but I found out about this site because I went to Mass yesterday – dunno how else I would have become aware of it; but have only one thing to say: JOY!

Well, if there was only one thing to say, there wouldn’t be much point in me having a blog, so:

Perhaps Blessed John Paul II felt a little like Philip explaining Scripture to the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26+) when he wrote Dei Verbum; but it sure would be nice to have somebody explain the documents of Vatican II.

Second thought: Thank God I am a Roman Catholic!  To have nearly 2,000 years of “Philips” to help out rocks like me!

Final thought: I had embarked on a study of the Book of Revelation this year, using the Ancient Christian Commentary (InterVarsity Press) as my guide, before I was introduced to The Vatican II Challenge – dear God, when am I going to find the time for this, too???

Yeah: JOY!

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