So, my 18 yr has this bed that needs a little TLC: one leg is definitely not square or plumb. I’ve given it a little persuasion once already. Do I continue to straighten it up? Or, do I wait until she does something (actually, fairly likely – but she would have to notice, first)? Or, wait until she says something (I would bet money that will never happen)? Furniture with live loads like beds and chairs will all get looser before they get tighter, at least, on their own. So, pretty safe to say I can predict with some certainty where this situation is going. But, do I intervene? Do I sit back and wait for her to (a) discover something needs attention, and then (b) do something (anything) about it? Or, do I stick my nose in where she has repeatedly made clear it is not welcome (what am I doing even LOOKING in her bedroom, eh)? I think I will go read…

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