Can we borrow your sword?

I feel very strongly that I must mark this event, this departure of Pope Benedict XVI.

I remember very clearly, like it was yesterday and not nearly eight years ago, the death of Pope John Paul II and the cries of “Santo Subito.” Well, JP2 has not yet been canonized, and we are saying good-bye to another pope. My world stopped then, as much as it stopped when the World Trade Center came crashing down; I had to get off the merry-go-round and collect myself. I do not feel the need to absent myself from the world this time, tho I am, more than ever, convinced my world will change more now than it did then.

I am quite sure my observations of the Church have not changed it; but, I have changed. I pray for the better.

In any event, the new pope will have to solve the existing problems using new thinking and new methodologies – it is the old thinking that got us into this mess. He may have to ask St Michael for his sword.

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