Day of Silence

When it comes to LGBTX (or is that Q?) issues I find that I am so sick-and-tired of having that subject in my face all the time I am very much inclined – no, I find that I am forced – to push back, resist and lashout with every fiber of my being. It is all so very wrong, like saying a person is, or is not, a human being, based on the calendar. Definitely, the “right” to engage in sodomy (ok, so why doesn’t that word fit?) is not even on the same page as the “right” for a woman to decide the child she is carrying is inconvenient, but society now (world-wide) apparently has nothing better to do than keep this nonsense (in the strictest meaning of the word) on the front page.

Recently, three people were instantly killed when two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon, and a MIT campus policeman who was nowhere near the bomb site was gunned down. What was “newsworthy”? Apparently, one of Boston’s finest was only one of Boston’s finest because he was a homosexual – not because he was trying to aid, comfort and protect the runner who had been blown to the ground by the blast. Do I really think that either the cop, or the runner, asked what the other’s sexual preference was at that moment? So, why should anybody else? I don’t get it: I don’t understand why anybody would write a caption like that.

And, later in the week, a local high school had a day of silence in protest against the silence that accompanies the bullying of people who believe that the only thing that is important about themselves is their sexual preference. Not a day of protest against anyone and everyone who is subject to bullying. Not a day of protest against the exploited and downtrodden. Yeah, on the heels of an act of terrorism that took four lives, a specific group says they are being oppressed for their chosen lifestyle. I suppose the runners and spectators at Boston might have a thing to say about that.

3,000 aborted babies have a Day of Silence every day.

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