Closed – on both ends

I enjoy “close-mindedness.” As a youth, close-mindedness was something that was synonymous with right-wing, conservative, Republicans. Fast forward and today I see those old-foggies do not have a monopoly: the left-wing, liberal, Democrats are equally closed. Shockingly closed. Interesting that the extremes on both poles should have so much in common – maybe that is what extremism is?

I find that many values of my youth have somehow successfully tagged along all these years. The value, the worth of human life was always paramount then, it still is. Back then the only choice was its preservation. While the right-wing seems to have kept that value, the left-wing has decided that those who can choose should choose for those who can’t. Abortion has always been anathema, unconscionable, reprehensible to me; thank God it still is. But those who espouse a liberal agenda have now decided that those who can’t choose should never have that choice. Hitler had his “untermensch”, the Democrat Party today has its “too young” and “too old.” Kermit Gosnell is the new poster-boy.

John Lennon wondered how wonderful it would be if there was nothing to kill or die for. I will not apologize: there is much, much left to kill and die for. Rather John should have used his imagination to ask why human beings still revert to violence when there should be – after some 20,000 years of ‘development’ – viable alternatives. Our toys have changed, our thinking hasn’t.

We, citizens of the USA, have gone to court to redefine “marriage.” The Demos have, once again, missed the point entirely. Be that as it may, the courts gave us Dred Scott; which some say had a bearing on the election of Abraham Lincoln (a Republican). What I can’t, for the life of me, figure out is why any homosexual would want anything to do with what has heretofore been a heterosexual institution. It is, however, telling that the liberals have decided that those who have chosen a particular lifestyle should be imposed on others who have chosen another lifestyle.

I could go on and on, and in these pages, I will….

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