Fast forward thru the boring parts

My niece and a friend just completed a coast-to-coast drive (little car, big highways) from Sunny Seattle (GF in BC can relate) to, um, Fayetteville, North Carolina – 13 states in four days (some 2,900 miles). My niece wanted to sightsee, her fellow traveler (and, owner of the car) wanted to get to Ft Bragg as soon as possible because her new husband was waiting. While my niece got an appreciation of this country that you can get only by driving it, I came to appreciate the updates in Facebook (frankly, I don’t know why I have bothered with it – I seem to spend more time clicking “Hide” than anything else – for once, tho, I really did want to know all about “Chicago Pizza pot pies” and how they are more “real” than “real food”).

I was also reminded of all the “summer vacations” my family took while us kids were growing up. Not too long ago I needed a reality check, so I asked my Mom if we did, in fact, take a trip EVERY summer – like I remembered. Yep, sure did. Every summer, my Dad took his two weeks of annual vacation, we all piled in the car (a station wagon w/o seatbelts) and spent two weeks getting from Point A to Point B, so we could turn around and reverse the process. We always stayed with family. I know now, that I did not appreciate the gift at the time. Later in life, I got to see Mt Rushmore and the embryonic Crazy Horse again; now my niece has. I hope to show them to my wife someday….

While talking about teens with a neighbor today, he recalled Mark Twain’s quip about how smart his father got in just the few years between age 14 and 21. All I could do is nod my head and hope. And wonder why each and every generation has to discover (sometimes called “growing up”) for themselves what every previous generation has already spent time and tears learning. With all the toys at hand, will the current crop of youngsters shorten Twain’s seven years? Or, will their obsession with talking with everyone who is NOT present in the room delay their development? In any event, I’m glad I grew up with rock-n-roll and not rap.

Finally (for this post has rambled on long enough), I have been notified by email that I now have a “follower”. OH! The Pressure! Dunno if “follower” is just the New Age term for “critic” and I should be worried about being responsible, or if I can continue to write just because I feel the need to express myself. Not to be dismissive, but what I really feel the need for is coffee and chocolate 😉

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