Faces of Global Terrorism

Oh, puh-leez. These are faces of KNOWN, not imaginary, or hoped-for terrorists. It’s not “profiling”, it’s acknowledgement, U.S. Rep Jim McDermott of Seattle. There’s a reason your face is not in the line-up, for that matter, neither is a woman’s face in the rogues’ gallery emblazoned on Seattle’s buses: (a) you are not a known terrorist (while being really stupid is frightening, it’s not a crime…yet), and (b) known terrorists don’t look like you. Maybe you’re just jealous that your face isn’t displayed as a public-service announcement?

Let me put this another way: yes, if a 77-year old, white male moves in next door, I will think different thoughts than if I saw anyone looking like those 16.

But, this is Seattle, so what we really need is a poster with faces of women, 16 different (obviously different) ethnic groups, and some children. In other words, assume EVERYONE is a terrorist. Too hard?

Ok, try this: stick your head in the sand and pretend.

It’s not “fair”? How many dead and maimed at Boston would think what happened to their lives was “fair”?

How about photos of missing kids on milk cartons? Don’t like that either, huh? Obviously, most missing children tend to, um, well I guess they pretty much don’t resemble you, do they? Probably look rather much younger? Ah, but isn’t that profiling?

I suppose advertising needs to be more sensitive, too? I mean, how many cars or boxes of laundry detergent would get sold if the models looked like those 16? You’re right, it’s not fair that no one who looks like a known terrorist is depicted driving a, a what? Makes you want to rush right out and buy one, doesn’t it?

Well, ok, so posters on the sides of buses and in post offices is too much “in your face.” I understand: it makes you uncomfortable, it makes you doubt the “not in my backyard – never happen to me” attitude you cherish. I see your point. So maybe you shouldn’t stop there? Maybe you should tell Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI, that you don’t like his website with information a lot more detailed than just a mug shot and a name (check it out: http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/wanted_terrorists/). You can even print a PDF poster of these most wanted, so you can paper your bathroom.

But, back to your “profiling” thing. Look on the FBI website: not a single name like “Bill Smith,” or “John/Jane Doe”. Jim, nobody on that website looks like you, or has a name like yours – so, why would I ever give you a second glance??? And, it appears that there is only one woman, and (are you sitting down?) no children.

Some say that the bus posters are “fear mongering.” I agree. I am very afraid. Very afraid people like you, in such heavy denial about the state the world is in will convince people who think that the world is flat, the moon is made of cheese, and life is “fair.”

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