Do you even eat breakfast?

The chicken lays an egg, makes a lot of noise, and walks away; oblivious to breakfast. The pig, in order to contribute to breakfast has to die: the bacon or sausage on your plate is a rather significant investment in breakfast for the piggy. But, more and more, I see a great ranting and raving, tearing of garments and gnashing of teeth about the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on current popular, fashionable issues; ranting and raving by people who usually couldn’t care less about the Church. Great cries about how medieval and antiquated and out of touch the Church is.

If it suits their purposes – the agenda of the secular press – the Catholic Church is the Great Champion of Our Times. If the Church doesn’t jibe perfectly with their idea of a perfect world (“I am the center of your universe”), then any stick will do.

Frankly, find this obsession with “sexual orientation” increasingly tedious. But, almost to prevent me from rejoining the ranks of the Silent Majority, my ire rises. I am not so much bored with the narcissism of this age as I am angry at the overwhelmingness of it (yes, I could have said “pervasive”; but that is so pedestrian). And then, befitting the season, I had an epiphany:

I was listening to “seasonal music” from South America on the local FM “classical music” radio station. South America is the only continent I have neither visited nor lived on, so I can only imagine (I had a good friend once who grew up in Rio, but that’s not the same, is it?). Fortunately, the “music from colonial Latin America” was accompanied by informed, educated commentary. Of course the music is not familiar; but it is certainly beautiful. The commentary was as uncomfortable to hear as I believe is was accurate. Yes, the Catholic Church has something far less than a stellar history. But, it will be the first to say that it is an imperfect church made up of imperfect members. And that’s probably why I feel welcome in it. And probably why so many in the chattering classes don’t – I’m not perfect, like they are.

However, there is another reason I am so very proud to call myself a devout, practicing Catholic: the Roman Catholic Church is not like any other church/religion. Sure, the Protestant Churches have better music; but give me the 2000 year old Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church every time. Simply put, I don’t want to be like everybody else; there are many teams in baseball, but only one Yankees.

Most of the people that I know personally that advocate “disregarding the Church” on issues of so-called “gay rights” (whatever the hell those are – homosexuality is a behavior, not a people – get a clue already) haven’t graced any church of any kind in recent years (ever?), and are damned proud of it. Go ahead: define yourself by what you’re not. They couldn’t begin to count on their fingers any of the teachings of the Church; it’s as if the entirety of the 2000 year history, the literally countless pages of writings (quite a few in languages none of these “enlightened” could ever read) could be summed up in their own interpretation of one taken-out-of-context statement. Yet, they would go to more than one doctor to get a “second opinion” on a hangnail.

They are the epitome of seagull social action: fly in, make a lot of noise, shit on everybody who disagrees with you and fly out (hopefully before anybody gets out a shotgun).

In the past few days, a local “Catholic” high school had a situation with its vice principal over apparently a “gay rights” issue. OMG (I say that as a code instead of taking the Lord’s Name in vain – as if that has any meaning to homosexuals). A Facebook Friend sent me a petition to sign protesting the high school principal’s action. So, I went to the school’s webpage and found the open letter that the principal sent to the school’s community (and, obviously, anyone who cared to click to it and read it). This FBF, is so very proud that she has no affiliation with my Church. This FBF, will stand up for everyone’s rights, as long as they agree with her. But, if they hold a different view, it’s open season.

I not only did not sign and submit the petition; instead, I sent an email to the principal supporting her action. I then went to the Wyoming Catholic College website and doubled my 2013 contribution (they aren’t afraid to support the Catholic Church – and I am not afraid to support them). In other words, as a direct result of having “gay rights” thrown in my face AGAIN, I redoubled my efforts to support – not tear down, or disregard, or compromise – my values.

And, I can’t wait for the after-Christmas sales so I can buy another firearm and more ammo. 😉

    • karirogersmiller
    • January 2nd, 2014

    Hi Pete
    I am getting so tired of the blanket need to being politically correct! All one needs to do is go back to reading the Bible…..but as you said, most don’t know anything of which they say!

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