Appeasement, anyone?

Oh, yeah, that’s been tried, hasn’t it? What was the guy’s name? No, the other one. Chamberlain, wasn’t it? And, if memory serves (doubtful at best), he signed the Munich Agreement of 1938. Ringing any bells? Might be a stretch…. (Obama is not going to Munich, he’s going to The Hague – close enough?)

In any event, the “West” (so-called) is economically in the toilet. And, not necessarily because unemployment is at (in this lifetime) record highs (lead by Spain at 55 percent for one demographic). But, because we have been so involved with omphaloskepsis today, we haven’t begun to invest the resources necessary for tomorrow. So involved within our own “I want it all and I want it now,” that we can’t just turn on a dime and do anything else. We haven’t the awareness, let alone the resolve; and the discipline dried up years ago.

I wonder if Putin planned this? Something like, “While Washington downsizes its military after its imperialistic forays into the middle east, get out that map that Uncle Joe had.” And, “Better do something grand before our new-best-friend Beijing steals all the thunder.” Europe never has been a military threat anyway – look how many Americans live in Europe. Is “now” the weakest the “West” has been, or will be for the foreseeable future? Well, if we are the weakest now (thinking both politically and militarily), I guess that’s a good thing (my mommy always told me to look on the bright side).

At least we have a good picture of what Putin is willing to do; and as one commentator put it, he won’t have to do this again. That much is certain (more certain than this bizarre winter weather we’ve been having, anyway.) And, we already know how much Obama is willing to do: zip, zero, ziltch, nada, niente. I mean, anything at all of any consequence.

What the real unknown is how far Europe is willing to go. Now that heating homes is no longer an issue (and we won’t think about that till next winter), maybe they’re willing to raise (um, would that be lower?) the bar.

It has often been said that the Russians have a tolerance, if not a love, of suffering. Meaning, I think, their “bottom-line” is lower than our “bottom-line.” This would seem to be borne out by the US and Europe already declaring that they won’t use military action – in response to Russia’s use of military action.

As far as Russia having no intention of invading the rest of the Ukraine (according to the Russian ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizov), excuse me, haven’t we heard that before?

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