So you think your life is “interesting”? Part 5

It wasn’t a surprise back in February when I received my “60-Day Advance Notice of Layoff” (aka “WARN” notice). Disappointing, yes; a surprise, no. But, what was a surprise was that, in the following 50 days or so, I was not able to find anyone who wanted to talk about hiring me. Granted, I wasn’t as aggressive as two co-workers who sent out somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 applications (each). Even though we work at a huge company, the idea that there are that many positions that anyone would “fit” just doesn’t work for me (yes, both individuals did move to other jobs within the company; and one absolutely hates her new spot and is actively looking for another). So, my dozen or so applications, as well contacts with several managers I have come to know over the years (lots of sympathy…) didn’t bear fruit.

What also happened in the past two months was the realization, or resignation, that nothing was in my control. I found myself just putting things in GOD’s hands. If He wanted me to stay at the same company I’d been with for 29 years, a job would find me. If He wanted me to walk, there would be no job. I felt that He and I were on the same page – maybe a first in my life!

Yesterday, my countdown clock let me know that I had eight days left. I figured it was about time I got serious looking outside the company. Just over a week left on the payroll, it was high time to get into the internet and search, search, search. I mean, I just can’t live each day for itself without any thought about the future. I have to plan – I have no choice: it’s how I’m wired. How people that don’t plan get to sleep at night, I’ll never know. I’m kinda like a toggle switch, the kind you might have on a light, the kind that gives a good, solid click when you turn the light on, or off. So, now I’m into full-blown job hunting mode.

Of course, that would be about the time I get a phone call from my boss telling me I’ve been extended 30 days. The lay-off status is still in effect; but what was a 60-day notice has essentially had another month added. It is, as my wife put it, “temporary.”

So much for understanding what GOD wants me to do!

I don’t think the company can shorten the extension; but I am under the impression that the extension can be, well, extended. My life is back on hold, and it could stay that way for awhile.

Do I gain anything with this latest development? Yeah, I gain a month to continue looking for a job inside the company (any job searches outside the company have to be done outside of my scheduled working hours). I gain another month on the payroll, so another month of medical insurance and one less month of dipping into my 401(k).

But, the waiting! Not the waiting for something to magically fall into my lap: I do believe in miracles, but I learned long ago not to rely on them. It’s the waiting to get on with my life. I am stuck in limbo. I was ready to go fishing yesterday; today, I’m back to cutting bait (there are other analogies, but that’s the nicest one; if not the most graphic).

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