So, you think your life is interesting – They’re here

Yep, that unforgettable quote is from Poltergeist; but in my case it refers to the (early) arrival of the long-awaited Twins.  Keeping in mind that I have been the bystander (not completely innocent, y’unnerstan?), it was a long 37 weeks – for twins, apparently a full-term pregnancy – for my wife, not a minute too long.

Our son was born at 11:52 pm, and his sister came into this world two minutes later; shortly after 7 am the next morning, the surgeon came to NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) to tell me that my wife was in ICU (the adult version of NICU), was recovering, and would be awake in about five hours.

Yep, the delivery was anything (and everything) but uneventful.

However, here we are, three weeks later, and all are doing well.

I am back at The Job, which, as you know, I detest (but, um, with two more mouths to feed, retirement got pushed back (off the plate, off the table, out the door, etc.).  However, I can’t remember ever being this happy.

I have a lot to say – i.e., process – in the aftermath of this Life Event; but I wanted to focus on just their birth, and not taint this posting with the incredible diversity of how people in my life have reacted.  Really, quite the unexpected education.

Lots more to say … next time.


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