Thank you

On this road to Serendip, otherwise known as the birth of the Twins almost three months ago, I was surprised at how much pure joy they brought into my life, AND how much I wanted to share that joy. I was not expecting joy (yes, of course: apologies to CS Lewis). Nor would I have thought that sharing it would be important.  But, joyful – and I do mean full of joy – I was and am. And, I needed to share it.

In addition, I have found significance in how people responded to these two little packages.

My wife’s family and friends stepped up to the occasion and then some. Her sister gave more of herself than any sister ought to; her mother came for about a month and a half, now her sister-in-law (and two year old daughter) are helping take care of the Twins. Dunno how we could have gotten this far without them pitching in. Various friends, far and wide, have visited or sent gifts. Most recently, a cousin of a cousin sent a very nice, very warm card of congratulations.

On my side of things, two buddies from my old days in the Marines sent packages. Only one I’ve seen in the 30+ years since I left active duty. Three other co-workers visited and gave gifts.

To all the above, I give my most heartfelt thanks. They added to my joy.

Did you notice the lack of mention of my family? Talk about conspicuous by their absence.

So, I will add to my list of Things to Teach the Twins: look for opportunities to celebrate joy – especially other people’s joy. Try to accentuate the positive. Find the silver lining.

This post took some effort, because I wanted to shoot from the hip and criticize and castigate those that kept their distance. But that would have been negative; kinda like raining on my own parade.

The upshot is, of course, that this joyful opportunity to come closer for all is serving to drive a wedge between some. Pity. But, as I was told once, “mourn the loss and move on.”

To say I thank GOD every day – and several times every day – for the gift of the Twins doesn’t quite capture what I feel when I look into the face of either, of the Twins. For when I take the time to look – really, really look – I have no words.

I do make it a point to add a prayer of thanks, every day. In the over a year that preceded this point, my wife almost daily talked about wanting a baby. I said, “pray.” Given her background it was no surprise she didn’t. But, I did. I prayed that I might be able to do GOD’s will. I did not pray that I might know, or understand; merely do. And so, we were blessed with not one, but two, healthy babies. Clearly, time to say thanks. Remember the story of the ten lepers that Jesus cured, but only one returned to say thanks? And that one was a “foreigner.” (Luke 17:11-19) I know I am a sinner (“leper,” so to speak, not far from the truth); but I also know how to be grateful.

I remain healthy and employed. Tho it did occur to me today that my father had a double bypass when he was the age I am now (shudder). And, very likely to stay employed for at least another year, despite the too-close call this past Spring. My wife is healthy.

Could things be better? You bet: I could win the lottery. ‘Course I suppose I should buy a ticket?

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