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Pro-discrimination ‘religious laws’

I want to thank Tim Cook for his recent op-ed piece in the Washington Post. If ever there was a poster boy – oops, sorry: person (is that ok?) – for not sticking to your knitting (Rosey Grier did needlepoint, and you don’t get any more macho than Rosey Grier), Tim Cook is surely it.

Granted, I did not see the potential for Apple when Steve Jobs founded it (I’m still a wage slave); but I have always gotten my hands on Apple products whenever I could. I remember when I joined a team that was building a scheduling program on the Mac. The programmers loved Mac, I loved Mac. Sadly, the company went to the other guys and my Mac days ended. Since I always felt that the user experience was far better on Apple computers and smart phones; when I could afford it, the family bought Apple.

Then Tim Cook came out (pun intended) stating that Apple’s primary business, apparently, was not customer experience and the advancement of computer-based technology. And that’s when I learned who he was. I never met Steve, and I never worked at Apple. What little I learned about the inside of Apple, I learned from rumor (now called “tribal knowledge”), John Sculley’s book “Hard Drive” (which still sits on my shelf), and a recent documentary on Steve (Joshua Michael Stern, director; Matt Whitely, writer). Yeah, pretty slim pickens (no pun intended).

‘Course, all I remember about that first exposure (pun intended, sometimes I just knock myself out) to Cook’s name had something to do with his sexual preference – not how my experience using Apple products would be enhanced. Not even his name.  Just something about the Apple head dude was gay.  The creativity of the Apple family was what has always amazed me; I would never buy a product because the sexual preference of the CEO.

But I will boycott a product because of the sexual preference of the CEO.

Frankly, I think I shouldn’t care what Cook’s sexual preference is, any more than I care what he thinks about “Pro-discrimination ‘religious laws’.” But, when I keep getting slapped in the face with what someone’s sexual preference is, and no mention is made of their qualities and attributes as a human being, then I heave a heavy sigh and … and …

Then, he has the unmitigated gall to compare the sexual preference issue with Civil Rights. Really? They’re equivalent? You think this is the same as “Whites Only”? I have an idea: let’s ask Crispus Attacks, Oliver L. Brown, Rosa Parks, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner what they think. Looking at Wikipedia, it seems you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth; so, where did you acquire your privileged  (me, me, me) point of view? And, since you are a product of the Deep South, what have you done to tear down the signs? Anything at all? My guess is nothing whatsoever.