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Fish, or cut bait

As I write this (2015 October), I still enjoy all the freedoms I can imagine. But, I can imagine that these freedoms are not long for this world.

For example, as big a mistake as I believe Roe v Wade, and Obergefell are, and as abhorrent as I find the state-sanctioned (and subsidized by my tax dollars) murder of millions, and the fashionable redefinition of an ages-old institution, my life really has not been directly impacted. I certainly have not found the need to adjust my actions, or re-evaluate my opinions. But, neither do I think this new status quo will be mine to have until my children bury me – or until their children bury them (etc.).

The trend, however, is distressing.

Some have said that the current state of affairs for Roman Catholics is the worst it’s ever been. Frankly, my vision of the First Christians and the persecutions of Nero are a tad worse. I think the overt anti-Catholicism in this country, not all that long ago (tho before my time), was worse than things are now.

True, the obsession over sexual orientation of priests is fuel for the secular (read: anti-Catholic) media. We are our own worst enemy – most especially the way the Church has reacted (not) to priests who express (I repeat: express) any sexual orientation. Continuing to molly-coddle politicians who claim to be “good” Catholics, while supporting the abortion industry isn’t helping anybody. The list goes on (and on). But, it’s not all that bad. Yet. Is it?

I don’t see it staying that way, tho.

In a recent article in Crisis Magazine, James Kalb writes “On Resistance: What are the Options?”  He and I are on the same page: things are definitely going (gone?) south, and what are we going to do about it? I mean, I can live with a lot of the current nonsense; but what do I do when the politically-correct police (some countries do have “religious police” – I guess we can never have that here?) come calling?

He closes with “As someone said, silence is death – and that is not at all prudent.” Yeah, kinda. What death? I am very attached to my corpus, but Christ made several references, some not all that oblique, to the requirement to die (physically) in order to live (spiritually).

GOD forbid, but I really do believe we are moving toward the opportunity to put our money where our mouth is. I really do believe the time is coming where our feet will be held to the fire. Maybe I’ll never see a re-incarnation of Nero. But, there might be some white sheets with the eye-holes already cut-out that will be exhumed.

Back, to Kalb: “Should Catholics swear an oath to uphold the Constitution?” Too late, already have. Years ago, in fact. And proud of it. However, I kinda glossed over the “enemies…domestic.” I was focused on “enemies foreign.” Now, almost daily, I am given a new example of domestic enemies; so far most of them are in Washington, D.C.

I am having a harder and harder time working for a corporate giant “whose ‘corporate vision’ emphasizes ‘tolerance and inclusion’ that include compulsory celebration of ‘sexual diversity’.” Pretty sure the day is coming when I’ll be standing at the urinal next to someone in a dress, tho. And the “celebrations” aren’t compulsory, yet.

I can already see that I don’t want my kids in public schools, and Common Core and all the other crap mandated by the left is just coming into the mainstream. Trouble is, will Catholic schools be in the same camp? Yes, I am seriously entertaining home schooling – hopefully it will remain legal for at least the next twelve years. Cross my fingers.

Could living in this country get so bad (my point of view) that I will have to make a conscious, deliberate decision “not to follow the directives of civil authorities”? Yeah, I think so. It hasn’t yet. But, I don’t have any reason to think it’s an impossibility.

Just last week, coming out of Harbor Freight, another customer asked if I was Catholic. No, it’s not like I have “RC” tattooed on my forehead; in fact I wear a Crucifix on a chain around my neck – all the time (not just in church). We talked about where this country was going, both of us on the same side of “it’s not getting better.” It was a wonderfully frank and open discussion between two strangers. Did my heart good.

Most recently, is an article in the Christian Science Monitor (picked up by MSN): “Texan Mom wins fight against McGraw-Hill textbook that ‘erased’ slavery.” Apparently, Roni Dean-Burren made the discovery and posted it on Facebook. Sadly, McGraw-Hill doesn’t seem at all remorseful, but has promised to “clarify.” “Clarify,” my ass. But, this incident is indicative of two things: (1) the changes are small, and practically invisible; and (2) if the adults in this country don’t pay attention we will lose this country.

So, a big BRAVA to Ms. Dean-Burren for raising the flag; and I’m guessing that merely posting it on Facebook didn’t put her in the poor-house or take years of campaigning (like the “good old days”). We should all be as diligent. We all need to be as diligent.

Freedom isn’t free.